We can support your business by providing you best resources to fulfill your business needs in shortest time in the market. Starting from custom development, into on-demand teams we would put success of your project as our biggest priority.

who we are

Who we are?

Code 2137 was founded in 2021 by a team of experienced and passionate IT professionals. We are a solution- focused company with past experiences working for the most reputable financial institutions on the market. We are open to meeting challenges in the recruitment, project, and technical areas.

Code2137 is a fast-growing company within the IT industry. Our service continues to improve as we acquire more qualifications to improve and develop our team. We make every effort to ensure that every customer is satisfied with the process of working with us. Our goal is to support company’s growth by providing support with the best resources to meet your business needs in shortest time.

As a tech company, we ensure that customers will receive proper mentoring from the outset of our collaboration. By taking advantage of our designers, technical architects and developers with multiple years of experience, we will provide the most efficient and effective solution.

What do we offer?

Programmer needed "right now", or preferably a whole team "yesterday"?

Rest assured, this task is just for us. Our experts will help you to fill in the gaps. We will create dedicated software, help you choose technology, advise you or run a comprehensive project in which you can count on our support until the end. We offer quick access to professional assistance to small, medium and large companies. We will minimise your time and costs by offering expert assistance at a time convenient for you. You will get rid of problems related to the IT area and you will be able to focus on what is important for your company. Professional care of our IT specialists will reduce the risk of future failures.

Why us?


Elastic framework contract

that would be fitted perfectly to your needs


Wide scope of competences for both front and back-end solutions

Ruby, Net, Java, Javascript, Python, React Native, Node, js, Angular, Perl, Visual Basic, Golang, C++, C#, R.


We're focused on long-term relationships

Zjawimy się w Twojej firmie w ciągu dwóch tygodni

How We Work


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